Grid of Peabody Awards invitations on grey background

The Peabody Awards

Product design,
art direction

The Peabody Awards are all about storytelling. Stories that matter. So the design system for the event had to tell a story while still being flexible enough to work across lots of different mediums, predominantly print and email. Using a limited color palette of light grey and black with touches of gold and red did just that. It's reminiscent of old hollywood, but minimalistic in a way that's unmistakably modern.

Three peabody awards invitations on grey background
The flexible & consistent design system in use
Super closeup of Peabody Awards invitations
Close up on the print details
Group of the invitations to show the Peabody Awards design system in action
The final invite package included 10 different variations for different VIP levels of guests
Closeup of the Peabody Awards invitation for the Netflix show Marvel's Jessica Jones
Working with classic film and television content for this was THE best
Super closeup of the invitation detail
Even closer detail shot of Peabody Awards invitation

Special thanks to Frederick Swanston & friends.

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