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ain’t easy

Product design,
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D&AD Wood Pencil

Wendy’s wanted in on Twitch, but we knew going the normal route and sponsoring big streamers for the occasional product plug or bite of a Baconator on cam would likely backfire. So, we decided to use the amateur-but-still-kinda-okay gaming talent on our own team, as original content for the channel. And knowing that we don't stand a chance on any kind of esports level gameplay, we approached the channel with the strategy that we're not going to be good, but we are going to be entertaining. So we ramped up the quality of stream overlays, extensions, animations, sound effects, and chat interaction. Being the first brand to regularly stream and produce original content on the platform, people seemed to be into it. So much so, that Wendy's became a verified Twitch partner after the first stream.

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Our first foray into streaming was a 9 hour durrrstruction marathon where we only dropped greasy and destroyed the Durrr Burger freezers over and over and over and over in the name of fresh, never frozen beef
Wendy's rocket league Made To Crave stream
We played Rocket League to promote the new Made To Crave menu and had a ton of contextual graphics
Wendy's Pacific Cod twitch stream
The Fortnite Fishin' Friday stream was centered around the limited time Cod sandwich
We also use Framer X to prototype ideas for Twitch Extensions. The one above being an extension that lets viewers browse the Wendy's menu without having to leave the stream. Using the Twitch Player and Twitch Chat extensions

Special thanks to my whole team, but especially Matt Keck, Jeremy Cline, Steven Austin, and lot of other really amazing humans I'm failing to mention that have helped make a restaurant streaming video games a thing that people tune in to watch.

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