Gif me hero image with retro computer and screenshot showing GIFs in action in Sketch

product design

Created at the Design Tools Network Sketch Plugin Hackathon in Berlin, was hacked together with two goals in mind. One, because most things we design will eventually contain .gifs and video and designing to support them in sketch was impossible until now. And two, sometimes you have a animation prototyped in a different app that you'd like to preview in your Sketch file. And sometimes you just need to play a cat gif in your file. No judgement.

Download it meow ->
The Gif me plugin featured on the Sketch website
The plugin is featured on the Sketch website and included in the official plugin repo
How to gif of how to use the Gif me plugin inside of Sketch
GIFs! Sketch!! Together!!! Finally!!!!
Picture from the Design Tools Network Hackathon of me and the team sketching
It's me sketching something, probably nonsensical. Photo courtesy of Design Tools Network
Tweet from Pablo Stanley praising the GIFme plugin
The plugin got a lot of love on design twitter but this was my personal favorite
Tweet from Sketch app praising the Gif me plugin and the Design Tools Network event
The Sketch team was at the event but they also showed some love on twitter after the event

Special thanks to Guillermo Seis for the v cool website, Timothy Pettersen for being an ace plugin developer, Eduardo Gómez Vásquez for being an A++ software dev, and Andrea Prieto for being the best UX designer we could have asked for

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