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We knew replatforming the entire Wendy’s site to Drupal, despite our best efforts, would result in a long list of dead links. Dead links make people grumpy, so we worked closely with 90º Labs, the Wendy’s internal technology and innovation studio to remake the classic arcade game Super BurgerTime. Except now you can turn your 404: Page Not Found error into a 444, making light of a potentially bad situation and keeping wronged users around on the site with a bit of surprise and delight.

Check it out IRL ->
Game starting screen
Countdown til game start
Wendy dodging the frozen beefs
Dodging the frozen beef
Wendy running away from the frozen beefs
Wendy freezes if a frozen boi catches her
paused game and helpful links beneath the 404 game
Helpful links included below the game

...and then this happened

Amazon's website crashed as soon as Prime Day began

so we tweeted:

When our website breaks at least you get to play a fun game

which actually led to a 40% increase in online Wendy's orders on the day

3d rendered gif of the game in action

Special thanks to 90° Labs for the game development expertise, Jess Elwood, Jeremy Cline, Bryan Allen, and Michael Smith for the strategic direction and page development, and Data East for allowing us to use and alter the Super BurgerTime IP.

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